We engage in a professional planning and effective implementation of unique and inspiring projects. We offer innovative and non-standard solutions and consult on matters relating to the development and implementation of strategies, buying, selling and merging of companies (M & A) and development of commercial real estate. The exceptional business ethics, continuous development, upholding company’s values, knowledge of specifics of various markets and subtle nuances – these are the values which promote the growth of the number of the successfully implemented investment projects of JSC “Litbelinvest”.


JSC „Litbelinvest“ distinguishes itself for highly successful activities in the implementation of projects of various sizes in the Baltic countries, CIS countries, Turkey. We aim at unique and long-term solutions, therefore the number of successfully completed real estate development projects is increasing rapidly, trade and production flows are discovering new international partners, and the investment management is one of the most successful area of our company’s activities: in using effectively opportunities and prospects of countries we are successfully expanding the geography in developing and implementing complex projects in different countries for over fourteen years. We set up a unique team of professionals for each project. With the help of our company the total amount of implemented investment projects is over EUR 200 million. Many years of experience and knowledge allow the company to consult professionally on the following matters:
strategic corporate management,
attraction of investment and project financing,
buying/selling and merging of companies (M & A),
commercial real estate development,
retail and wholesale trade and manufacture,
investment projects management.


In the real estate development area:
shopping center „Panorama“, Vilnius, Lithuania –,
shopping center„Mandarinas“, Vilnius, Lithuania –,
shopping center„Prestige Mall“, Istambul, Turkey –,
office building „L3“, Vilnius, Lithuania–

In the retail trade area:
„Almi“, Belarus –,
„Prostore“, Belarus –,

In manufacturing area:
„Alivarija“, Belarus –,
„ABC“, Belarus –

The number of completed projects is increasing rapidly and the experience of our company has been growing, so together with our partners we assume all risk and we are looking for extraordinary solutions towards the realization of the projects.

Management of Investment Projects.

We are developing our activities in the field of management of investment projects very fast and in a targeted way. Large experience of JSC “Litbelinvest” provides an effective control and management of investment projects at all stages of implementation in the Baltic region, the CIS countries and Turkey. Constantly analysing developments in the national and international market, we offer exceptional solutions in preparation and management of investment projects as well as active participation in the preparatory stages, the further process and final stages of projects. Our ongoing investment projects – this is something that inspires and exceeds expectations.